1903 CCMC

This is the earliest of two surviving CCMCs. The other is a 1908 model. This is the first one ever built and has had only 3 owners. Shortly after the turn of the century, the Canada Cycle & Motor Company were determined to build a high-quality motorcycle using the most technically advanced components of the day.

Cycle parts including Chater Lea frame castings, high-tensile strength steel tubing and Birmingham hubs from Britain. French Traffault-style forks achieved a degree of good steering, fine road-holding and tolerable comfort and Bowden rim brake retarded progress at a pinch. Forward motion was provided by a Swiss Dufaux (Motosacoche) 288cc single cylinder engine, which featured side-by-side mechanically operated valves (most early engines had automatic inlet valves). A Longuemare spray carburettor made for easier starting and running than the popular but primitive surface carbs. A US-made trembler coil and spark plug brought it to life. It was a very advanced machine; probably the best in the world at the time.



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