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With a production period of only 4 years (between 1935 and 1939), the cammy OK Supremes are extremely rare. Known as both Silver Clouds (350) and Pilot (250), only around 360 or so were ever built including roadsters, trials bikes and racers. Most surviving cammy OKs have been converted to racers. Original cycle parts are the proverbial rockin’ ‘orse manure. Perhaps as few as 3 machines survive in original factory road trim worldwide.
This bike was largely unmolested when I acquired it; almost an oily rag barn find. It was running but very noisy. I disassembled it, inspected the internals, reset the bevels and reconditioned the magdyno. It is on standard bore with no wear in the bore. The bigend feels good. Valve seats have not recessed. The gearbox was also inspected and found to be in excellent condition. Chains, sprockets, cables and tyres are (probably) original. The petrol tank has been repainted sometime in the distant past but almost everything else about the bike appears to be original largely retaining its patina earned over the last 75 plus years. A new exhaust downpipe was made in the time-honoured method of packing with sand, applying heat and bending by hand. A new back stand, plate holder, battery carrier and wet-soldered wiring harness were also made. Fasteners are original (cycle thread and BSF) and in mint condition reflecting the low mileage of the bike. I would say the rims would have been chromed originally. Should you want to paint and chrome, it was be the easiest restoration as everything is there is excellent order. I like it as it is showing its history. These overhead cam OK Supreme bikes are the rarest of Great Britain’s fabulous overhead cam fraternity. More photos available on enquiry.

$AUD25,000 SOLD

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