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Very special genuine English Royal Enfield 500cc engine. Engine has sand cast Works type cases (as identified in a letter to me by Don Morley) which are different from standard pre-alternator cases. The outer timing cover narrows slightly as it reaches the magneto. The top 2 screws are closer together than the 2 immediately below. On standard engines, they are parallel. There are no engine numbers but crankcase halves have matching numbers and JS is stamped on rear of engine. It has the non-alternator short mainshaft. Head is genuine “Big” type with scrambles inlet port (not 1.5”). The engine has been built by an acknowledged marque expert who has been building racing Enfield engines for decades. Three modifications in particular to note are that 1) through bolts are 3/8” diameter (standard 5/16”) 2) conrod is Matchless but white metal bearings retained 3) modified breather system. Competition BTH magneto is fitted and much modified 30mm Concentric carb. New piston, bigend, main bearings etc etc. Everything possible has been either reconditioned or new British-made parts fitted. Engine is in a standard state of tune. Included is the extremely rare heavy aluminium rear mounting casting, kick starter and gear lever . Also new performance cams with Gold Star profiles, new adjustable cam spindles plus a genuine Workshop manual. Price is $6,500 (please bear in mind that your common or garden variety 500 Gold Star engine needing a total rebuild will cost the same if not more)

$AUD6,500 SOLD

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