9c4ca_coverEngineModelsTyrell Smith's notes

This is the 4th edition of only book or workshop manual ever written about the Excelsior Manxman. At 25,000 words, the 4th edition is 7,000 words longer than the 2nd edition. Many new diagrams, period advertisements and historic photos. Includes a brief history of the marque (Excelsior was Great Britain’s first dedicated motorcycle manufacturer), an in-depth history of the Manxman, focuses on the people who created it, the many changes to the engine and frame and why these occurred, racing successes and why it was not produced again after the war.

Included is a comprehensive engine analysis and workshop manual with notes on the changes in specification that render the very thin original instruction manual obsolete for 1937 on bikes. Of all Great Britain’s ohc racing singles, the depth of thought and uncompromising focus on quality elevates the Excelsior Manxman above its competitors. The book also contains data and factory photos of each model, many factory diagrams and reproduced tuning data from race shop supremo Alan Bruce. Also included are extracts from Tyrell Smith’s race shop engine notebook.

This book is written for anybody who owns and wants to tune or rebuild an Excelsior Manxman engine. Easy step by step instructions. An absolute necessity for every Excelsior Manxman owner. This is the book that Excelsior should have written.


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