Engine No 7448KSS engine right 850pxKSS Engine left 850pxFlywheels 850px

General condition is excellent. 99% complete. The only part not in any of the photos is the oil pump which is in the crankcases. The engine was complete and running before being dismantled some years ago. Worn parts replaced but the engine was never reassembled. The flywheel assembly pictured in box purpose built for supporting the delicate mainshafts correctly, has had a new bigend pin, sleeve and rollers fitted and trued to within factory specifications by a professional flywheel builder and long time cammy Velo owner. Valves, valve guides and seats, combustion chamber and the exhaust nut threads are in excellent condition although one mall corner of one fin has been broken off but in a very accessible location and so easily repaired. Inlet tract measures 1 1/16”. Standard piston in excellent condition c/w rings and correct fit for the sleeve (which will need to be honed). The rockers have been stellited and reground. KTT 17/8 cam is new. Main bearings look to be in excellent condition. Nuts and bolts all good. All castings are in very good condition and crankcase halves match.

SOLD $4,000 


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