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Comprehensive new workshop manual for all long stroke ohc Norton engines from 1930 to 1958. Over 18,000 words and dozens of diagrams. This book is written for anybody who owns and wants to rebuild and tune a single or twin overhead camshaft long stroke Manx or International engine. Much of the information in this book can also be applied to short stroke engines up to 1959 such as the section on building and timing the double knocker cambox. This is the manual that Norton never wrote. Norton’s own Instruction Manual tells you how to pull an engine apart but, unless you happen to have an engine untouched by anyone since it left the Norton works, the chances of it being built from components matched at the factory with correct shimming and backlash throughout is not high. Norton engines are complicated and time consuming to set up correctly. Most engines these days are built from what we can find. This manual is written in simple language for people like me who not had the benefit of engine components matched at the Norton works and have had to build engines from parts collected from a variety of different places. Easy step by step instructions with many tuning notes by Norton legends such as Lacey, Craig, Lancefield and 3rd edition.


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