ce59b_sohc_jig.bsAn absolute must for anyone who owns a single knocker Norton. The sohc Norton cambox has a design flaw which makes it prone to not only breaking the thin but vital cam shield but ruining the square end of the camshaft. The panel cover holds the bearing in place. Removing this cover to inspect the cams, remove the camshaft or replace the bearings means the camshaft is only held by the bearing at the vernier bevel gear side.

Unscrewing the left hand nut is the problem. It works itself incredibly tight – I have measured over 250lbs per sq inch. The Norton Instruction manual suggests holding the square end of the camshaft in a vice while trying to undo the very narrow nut. 9 times out of 10, it cant be done. The usual result is the spanner slips or the cambox twists out of the vice ruining the square end with the spanner smashing the thin cam shield. And repairing that is hundreds of dollars.

My jig solves all the problems. Bolt the cambox to the jig, lock the jig into a sturdy and you can apply all the leverage you need without risking damaging the camshaft or the fragile shield. You can also turn it around to mesh the top bevels. Supplied flat for postage economy reasons. All parts supplied included 2 x 50mm 0.375 bolts and 2 x 100mm 0.375 bolts. Comes with instructions but you will need to get it welded.

Weight 2kg unpacked.
PRICE $90 plus p&p

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