1944 Triumph 3HW ohv 350

Nearly 28,000 3HWs were manufactured from 1942 exclusively for the War Office at Triumph’s Meriden factory. They were deployed in North Africa, Greece, Italy, India (in large numbers) and Burma. None were ever sent to Australia. Like many survivors, it was civilianised at war’s end before being brought here several decades ago. It is relatively unmolested with correct Cycle thread nuts and bolts in good general condition – always a strong indication of how well a bike has been looked after. I recently rescued it from a shed full of BSA’s where it had stood for decades with the head and barrel removed. Over the past few weeks I have put it back together replacing any foreign parts with correct originals. It is not running but was until the gudgeon pin circlip moved scoring the barrel. To get it running, the barrel will need resleeving (new sleeve and piston supplied). Other work will undoubtedly be required as well. Please remember, it is a 73 year old WW2 relic and so best suited to someone with an appreciation for old British iron and the enthusiasm to give it appropriate attention.

Price $AUD6,000



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