Blue Spark Moto offers full or part restorations of thoroughbred vintage and classic British motorcycles

Restoring vintage motorcycles even to standard specification is no easy task. They were hand-built in the first place which is a considerable part of their fascination and appeal. However, other than AMC, BSA and Triumph, most manufacturers were quite small with limited facilities. They often out-sourced manufacture and bought proprietary components often from more than one supplier, which contributed to variations within the same model range. Furthermore, many machines shipped to the colonies not only had different specifications to home models but were often fitted with obsolete components remaining from deleted models.

For these reasons, restoration requires considerable knowledge, experience, skill, persistence and patience. While BlueSpark Moto Restore undertake restorations, often we recommend a conservation approach. We place great value in retaining the hard-won history of a particular bike. 

Our method is to record all aspects of the disassembly process taking copious notes and photographs. With engine reconditioning, a full Tuning Sheet is provided. Refurbishing and refitting cycle parts correctly is very often time consuming. To prevent cracking under stress, holes first need to be perfectly lined up. Only after we achieve unstressed alignment, are components painted and plated.

Finally, the value of a motorcycle is determined by a number of factors including history, condition, originality, rideability and of course, desirability. We can’t do much about whether your model holds broad appeal and absolute originality may sometimes be difficult to achieve, but we can certainly ensure your bike rides as well as it looks.